The Idaho INBRE Network is supported by the Administrative Core led by Dr. Carolyn Hovde Bohach, which provides logistical support for the Network by facilitating systematic communication among investigators, providing training and mentoring for faculty and students, overseeing research activities, and assuring investigator access to state-of-the-art research facilities. Five committees are overseen by the Administrative core.

The statewide Steering Committee establishes policies and operating procedures of the Idaho INBRE Network, oversees the development of relevant workshops, lecture series, and progress reviews of mentoring teams. The 15-member Steering Committee is chaired by Dr. Carolyn Hovde Bohach and includes representatives from each institution.

The External Advisory Committee (EAC) provides scientific expertise and advice to the Steering Committee and Director on scientific and administrative matters. They also monitor the progress of the Idaho Network toward competitiveness and sustainability. The members were selected for their scientific knowledge, experience with mentoring, grantsmanship and expertise in building sustainable research programs.

Our Research Mentoring Core Committee (RMCC) specifically oversees the research activities of the Idaho Network. The RMCC advises the Research Core Director on the distribution and use of resources related to research throughout Idaho, monitors mentoring relationships, reviews non-competing renewals of INBRE-funded investigators and oversees the appointment of new faculty participants. The RMCC consists of senior researchers with strong records of publication and extramural grant support.

Information on the Bioinformatics Core and Outreach Core Committees can be found on their respective pages. Please click on the tabs on the bar above.

For a detailed list of members of all of the cores and committees outlined above, please visit our Contacts page.

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