• Name: Soumya Srivastava, Ph.D.
  • Institution:
  • Department: Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • Phone: 208-885-7652
  • Email: srivastavask@uidaho.edu


The primary goals of this project are to focus on modeling microfluidic systems and perform experiments to validate the modeling data. Our lab is focused on building point-of-care diagnostic devices for diseases like cancers or other infections caused in humans or animals. This will lead to a quick finger prick device for a non-invasive detection like the glucose monitors which would be cheaply available and used in developing countries.

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Specific Aim: Generating dielectrophoretic spectra to quantify the dielectric parameters cells under different physiological states. Approach: To obtain the dielectric properties of mononuclear cells, a DEP spectrum based on the frequencies will be generated wherein the drag and DEP forces are balanced. A sinusoidal wave generator, generating amplitudes up to a maximum of 20 V peak-to-peak, will be used to obtain the spectra. Impact: By acquiring quantitative data on the electrophysiological properties of healthy and diseased cells, a non-invasive, powerful, cheaper, and faster technique can be developed to discriminate between distinct cellular identities in heterogeneous populations. Equipment: Confocal microscope, waveform generator, centrifuge, etc. These experiments include fabricating the device geometry using clean-room and sealing the device with electrodes embedded inside the microchannel. The experiments are captured as pictures or videos and are analyzed using commercially available software packages.

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