• Name: Karl Dejesus, Ph.D.
  • Institution: Idaho State University
  • Department: Chemistry
  • Phone: 208-282-2673
  • Email: dejekarl@isu.edu

Summary: My research interest is in developing organic synthetic methods that form compounds with control of absolute stereochemistry. These are important reactions for the synthesis of drugs and biologically important compounds. Our projects center around three synthetic methods: using chiral additives to facilitate chiral Grignard additions to aldehydes, development of a chiral auxiliaries for aldehydes, and using molecular recognition to organize reagents and chiral reagents to control stereochemistry.

Minimum Classes: Second semester of organic chemistry

Projects: Summer students will be working on the development of chiral auxiliaries for aldehydes. We have found that aldehydes form chiral bicyclic azoacetals such as 1, shown in the attached figure, by reaction with prolinol in the presence of acid. We will explore how conjugated aldehydes such as 2 (attached figure) react and how these can be further manipulated to yield epoxides, diols, and alcohols selectively. Most of these reactions need to be devoid of water so students will be exposed to inert atmosphere techniques as well as purification techniques such as chromatography, FT NMR, and GC-Mass Spec.

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