Opening for new graduate (MS) student interested in translational human milk research.

Dr. Yimin Chen, an Assistant Professor for the Nutritional Sciences program at the University of Idaho with extensive experience in clinical practice is looking for a new graduate student in her lab.

Do you know any undergraduate students who are graduating this Spring (or a past student looking to return to school) and might be interested or looking to pursue an M.S. degree? Dr. Chen is currently looking for a motivated graduating senior or an individual with a BS degree in a science field who would be interested in her research program and obtaining his/her M.S. degree. More specifically, the potential student should be interested in conducting research using a cell culture model to investigate human milk peptides bioactivities.

To learn more about Dr. Chen’s research program in translational human milk research, interested students can visit:

A student who is admitted as a graduate student will be offered an assistantship which will cover tuition, fees, and a stipend to cover basic living expenses.

For more information, students should contact Dr. Chen directly at

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