The University of Idaho’s WWAMI Educational Program and the Idaho INBRE Program are offering summer research fellowships for medical students interested in biomedical research. The program pays each awarded student to work full-time in an established faculty laboratory during the summer. In addition to doing guided research, students will attend professional development and scientific seminar presentations. Students will also prepare posters highlighting their work to be presented at the Idaho INBRE Summer Research Conference in Moscow.

Pay: $15/hour for 9 weeks (40 hours per week)

Program Starting Date: Monday, June 25, 2018
Program Ending Date: Friday, August 24, 2018

WWAMI/INBRE Fellows Application. Applications for 2019 will be available in December 2018.

Steps to complete your application:

  1. Identify a Mentor – a list of potential mentors can be found in the left column at You may choose a Mentor from the University of Idaho (UI), the Idaho Veterans Research and Education Foundation at the Boise VA (IVREF), Boise State University (BSU), and Idaho State University (ISU). Be sure and talk with the Mentor before you submit your application to be sure they are available and willing to work with you next summer. You may also choose a Mentor who is not on the list if they i) have a biomedical research project and ii) agree to participate as an INBRE Mentor.
  2. Complete the application form (attached above).
  3. Request 2 references. Direct your reference writers to complete their reference online at
  4. Submit your application in the ‘slots’ below. Note that for WWAMI students, no transcript is required so you may ignore that ‘slot’.

The WWAMI/INBRE Fellowship program is competitive. The number of applications we receive will exceed the available Fellowships.  To be considered for a Fellowship we must receive your completed application and letters of reference by the due date of January 31, 2019.  We cannot consider incomplete packets.

Fellowship awards will be announced in March 2019.

Unique opportunity: Research at the Idaho Veterans Research and Education Foundation (IVREF) at the Boise VA

The IVREF, an Idaho INBRE network institution, is offering a unique opportunity for research in Summer 2019. To find out more, contact TBD.

  • COBRE Summer Fellows: These competitive fellowships are awarded annually to up to four students who are interested in exploring careers in biomedical research or related healthcare fields.

How are students selected to be WWAMI / INBRE Fellows?

The INBRE Fellows are the best and brightest students in Idaho. The selection process is competitive and rigorous. Students submit an application packet that includes a few short essays, and 2 letters of recommendation.

Requirements for being a WWAMI/INBRE Fellow:

  • Students must currently be enrolled in the University of Idaho WWAMI Educational Program,

Criteria for Fellows selection:

The following criteria are used when choosing WWAMI/INBRE Summer Fellows. These criteria are considered as a ‘whole’, and not necessarily in the order listed.

1. Interest in biomedical science and research
2. Reference letters
3. Obstacles you have overcome to obtain your education


*The WWAMI/INBRE Fellows program is contingent upon the timely distribution of federal grant funds*

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