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Summer Fellows

Applications for the 2016 Summer Fellows are now available. Please look at the Application page:

This page is for undergraduate students attending an Idaho institution of higher education - Students attending institutions in a Western IDeA Regional Network state - Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Wyoming - are welcome to apply for fellowships as part of the Western INBRE Visiting Fellow Program.


Are you an undergraduate science major attending an Idaho institution of higher education who wants to do hands-on research? Will you be graduating (with a Bachelor's degree) in December 2016 or later?

The Idaho INBRE Program is offering 10-week fellowships for students interested in biomedical research. The program pays each awarded student to work full-time in an established faculty laboratory for the summer. In addition to doing guided research, students will attend professional development and scientific seminar presentations and will prepare a poster highlighting their work.


The Idaho INBRE Undergraduate Fellowship program is competitive. The number of applications we receive will exceed the available Fellowships.  In order to be considered for a Fellowship we must receive your completed application including transcripts and letters of reference by the due date of January 31, 2016.  We cannot consider incomplete packets.


Fellowship awards will be announced in March 2016.


How to apply: ALL students may apply to the Idaho Veterans Research and Education Foundation. For all other locations, click the name of your home institution and follow the attached instructions.


All students may apply to the IVREF:



For all other locations, click on your home institution below: (Links are in progress - check for updates in the coming days if information is not available for your school):




How are students selected to be INBRE Undergraduate Fellows?

The INBRE Fellows are the best and brightest undergraduate students in Idaho. The selection process is competitive and rigorous. Students submit an application packet that includes a few short essays, their GPA, a Summer Research plan (if required by the institution), letters of recommendation and their college transcript(s).

Requirements for being a Fellow:  1) Students must currently be enrolled at an Idaho institution or at an institution in a Western IDeA state (Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico,Wyoming). 2) Students must be graduating (with a Bachelor's degree) on or after December 2016. Students graduating in May or August 2016 will not be eligible for Fellowships in 2016.

Criteria for Fellows selection:

The following criteria are used by Idaho INBRE when choosing Undergraduate Summer Fellows. These criteria are considered as a ‘whole’, and not necessarily in the order listed.

1. Interest in biomedical science and research
2. Academic record, including science classes taken and GPA
3. Reference letters
4. Date of expected graduation
5. Current institution - with consideration given for the research opportunities availabl
e to you at that institution
6. Family educational background
7. State in which you graduated high school (preference given to those graduating from an Idaho high school or high school in a Western INBRE state)
8. Obstacles you have overcome to obtain your education



*The 2016 Summer Fellows program is contingent upon timely distribution of federal grant funds*