The Idaho INBRE Administrative Core, led by Dr. Carolyn Hovde Bohach, Principal Investigator/Program Director, provides the “face’’ of INBRE in Idaho and articulates the NIH vision to bring research excellence and rigor to institutions across the state. It provides logistical support for the Network by facilitating systematic communication among investigators, providing training and mentoring for faculty and students, overseeing research activities, and assuring investigator access to state-of-the-art research facilities. The Administrative Core coordinates a Bioinformatics Core, a faculty Developmental Research Project Program (DRPP), and a Student Program.

Carolyn Bohach, Ph.D.
Carolyn H. Bohach, Ph.D.

Principle Investigator
Idaho INBRE Director
UI Distinguished Professor
Animal, Veterinary and Food Sciences
University of Idaho

Office location:
Mines 317
825 W. 7th St.

Scott A. Minnich, Ph.D.

Program Coordinator
Idaho INBRE Associate Director
Research Core Director
Professor, Animal, Veterinary and Food Sciences
University of Idaho

Office location:
Mines 318
825 W. 7th St.

Ken Cornell, Ph.D.

Bioinformatics/Data Science Core Director
Professor, Biochemistry
Biomolecular Research Center
Boise State University

Office location:
SCNC 320

Rhena Cooper, M.S.

Director, INBRE Student Program
Biology Instructor
Natural Sciences Division
North Idaho College

Office location:
Meyer Health and Sciences Building 202
521 N College Dr.

Ashley Bogar, M.S.

Evaluation Director and Program Administrator
University of Idaho

Office location:
Mines 322
825 W. 7th St.

Whitney Myers

Fiscal Director and Program Administrator
University of Idaho

Office location:
Mines 320
825 W. 7th St.

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