The Regional Alliance of INBRE Networks (RAIN) (states in blue, left) was formed to support regional collaborations focused on common scientific themes and includes collaborative seed grants, interstate opportunities for undergraduate student research, scientific and programmatic meetings, and resource exchanges.  RAIN’s interstate activities augment the already strong networks in our individual states by expanding biomedical research collaborations and opportunities for faculty and students across the Western Region.

Increase collaboration

Reduce redundancy     

Leverage strengths     

RAIN has three specific aims:

  1. Open interstate access to RAIN Research Core facilities.
  2. Promote interstate research through a Collaboration Studio and specific funding for Collaborative Research Projects.  These collaborative research projects are intended to stimulate collaborative, biomedical research between two researchers in two RAIN states. The goal of RAIN is to increase interdisciplinary research collaborations among faculty and broaden research and education opportunities for students.
  3. Expand student research opportunities through interstate exchange. A Visiting Undergraduate Fellows program provides opportunities for undergraduate students from the regions to participate in transformative research experiences in the RAIN states. Individual INBRE Programs within RAIN host expertise-specific student programs, such as summer laboratory fellowships and workshops.  
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INBRE-4 RAIN Collaborative Research Projects in Idaho

"Chemical Characterization of Western Wildfire Smoke, Lung Toxicity, and Health Risks." [2024-2025] Dr. Nancy Johnston (LCSC), Dr. Gayan Rubasinghege (New Mexico Tech), Dr. Soyoung Jeon (New Mexico State Univ.)
"Assessing the function of citrullinated proteins in asbestos-induced lung inflammation." [2024-2025] Dr. Kinta Serve (ISU), Dr. Brian Cherrington (Univ. of Wyoming)
"A mechanistic and structural analysis of an aerolysin-like protein produced by yeasts." [2024-2025] Dr. Paul Rowley (UI), Dr. Martin Lawrence (Montana State Univ.)
"Development of Arrayed Interdigitated Electrode Biosensors for High Throughput Biomedical Diagnostics" [2023-2024] Dr. Matthew Bernards (UI), Dr. Joshua Heinemann (Montana State Univ.)
"Physics-informed AI multifidelity framework for in vivo microcirculation hemodynamics" [2023-2024] Dr. Gianluca Blois (UI), Dr. Yaofa Li (Montana State Univ.)
"Investigations of Mixed Metal Tandem Catalysis for the Synthesis of Complex Ring Systems and Bioactive Agents" [2023-2024] Dr. Kris Waynant (UI), Dr. Elliott Hulley (Univ. of Wyoming)
"Closing the Health Disparity Gap using an Autonomous Personal Health Library PerHL" [2022-2023] Dr. Hasan Jamil (UI), Dr. Clinton Jeffery (New Mexico Tech)
"Investigating the Function of Titin in the Neuron Nucleolus" [2022-2023] Dr. Lisa Warner (BSU), Dr. Lynn George (Montana State Univ., Billings)
"Harnessing of deep-diving seal cardioprotective factors as novel therapy for myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury" [2021-2022] Dr. Jennifer Chase (NNU), Dr. Allyson Hindle (Univ. of Nevada, LV), Dr. Danielle Bruns (Univ. of Wyoming)
"Catalytic carboxylation of alkynes, alkenes, and arenes from C02 for late stage insertion into advanced pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)" [2021-2022] Dr. Kris Waynant (UI), Dr. Elliott Hulley (Univ. of Wyoming)
"NHANES Evaluation Pertaining to High-risk Renal-function Organophosphate & Nutritional components: The NEPHRON study" [2020-2021] Dr. Cynthia Curl (BSU), Dr. Sally Moyce (Montana State Univ.), Dr. Evan Johnson (Univ. of Wyoming)

RAIN Student Highlights

Carmina Chavez was an INBRE exchange student this past summer (2023) from the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV). She worked in the University of Idaho laboratory of Drs. Mark and Michelle McGuire studying the microbiome of breast milk.

She presented her summer research project in Oregon at the Society for Advancing Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS) conference. Camina received a poster presentation award in recognition of her work.

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The Idaho INBRE Program also collaborates with other programs in the state of Idaho. For more information, click on the logos below:

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