The application for the 2018 Western INBRE Summer Fellows in Idaho is now available.

Western INBRE Summer Fellows application

Completed applications are due on January 31, 2018.

The Western IDeA Regional Network was formed to support regional collaborations focused on common scientific themes.  Opportunities exist for undergraduate students from the region to participate in transformative research experiences in the Western IDeA states. Individual INBRE Programs within the Western Region host expertise-specific student programs, such as lab fellowships, workshops, and summer camps.

1) Students from Western IDeA states (Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, and Wyoming) interested in visiting and working in Idaho may apply for a 2018 Summer Western INBRE Visiting Fellowship at the University of Idaho, Idaho State University, Boise State University, or the Idaho Veterans Research and Education Foundation at the Boise VA Medical Center.

The Idaho INBRE Program is offering a 10-week fellowship for students interested in biomedical research. In addition to doing guided research, students will attend training and seminar presentations and attend the Annual INBRE Research Conference to present their work in a professional setting.

Details of the program.

University of Idaho:
Dates: May 21, 2018 – August 1, 2018.
Pay: $15.00/hour ($6000 for the summer). Depending upon interest there may also be an option of $5000 ($12.50/hour) plus housing in the Living Learning Center on campus

Idaho State University:
Dates: May 21, 2018 – August 1, 2018
Pay: $6000 for the summer

Boise State University:
Dates: May 21, 2018 – August 1, 2018. In addition to presenting posters at the Idaho INBRE Summer Research Conference, Fellows at Boise State University also attend the Idaho Conference on Undergraduate Research held at Boise State at the end of July.
Pay: $6000 for the summer

Idaho Veterans Research and Education Foundation at the Boise VA Medical Center
Dates: May 21, 2018 – August 1, 2018. In addition to presenting posters at the Idaho INBRE Summer Research Conference, Fellows at the IVREF also will participate in a research symposium at the VA and will prepare oral presentations about their research for this event. In addition, depending on the number of students, there may be rooms available on-site.
Pay: $6000 for the summer

Important Links:
2018 Western INBRE Visiting Fellow application form

2018 University of Idaho Fellows Mentors, Idaho State University Fellows Mentors, Boise State University Fellows Mentors, Idaho Veterans Research and Education Foundation Mentors.

Submit your application at the bottom of this page.

How To Apply
1. Review the 2018 Faculty Mentor’s list (links above) and choose the mentors you would be interested in working with.
2. Complete and submit the application form. Remember to attach a copy of your current transcript.  Unofficial transcripts are acceptable if they are in an easily readable format.
3. Request two confidential letters of reference.  Please ask your Professors or other letter writers to complete the reference form online at Once your letter writer creates an account he/she will be able to save the reference form as they work on it. We recommend that the letters be written by current or former science instructors who can write about your character and your interest and capabilities in science and recommend you for a Fellowship award. Reference forms are due by the application deadline, January 31, 2018.

For questions, contact the INBRE office at or 208-885-5373

The Western INBRE Visiting Fellow Program is competitive. The number of applications we receive will exceed the available Fellowships.  In order to be considered for a Fellowship we must receive your completed application including transcripts and letters of reference by the due date of January 31, 2018.  We cannot consider incomplete packets.

Fellowship awards will be announced in March 2018.

How are students selected to be Western INBRE Visiting Fellows?
The INBRE Fellows are the best and brightest undergraduate students in the Western IDeA Region. The selection process is competitive and rigorous. Students submit an application form that includes a few short essays, their GPA, letters of recommendation and their college transcript(s).

Requirements for being a Fellow:  1)Students must currently be enrolled at an institution in a Western IDeA state (Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico,Wyoming). 2) Students must be graduating on or after December 2018. Students graduating in May or August 2018 will not be eligible for Fellowships in 2018.

Criteria for Fellows selection:

The following criteria are used by Idaho INBRE when choosing Western INBRE Visiting Fellows. These criteria are considered as a ‘whole’, and not necessarily in the order listed.

1. Interest in biomedical science and research
2. Academic record, including science classes taken and GPA
3. Reference letters
4. Date of expected graduation
5. Current institution – with consideration given for the research opportunities available to you at that institution
6. Family educational background
7. State in which you graduated high school (preference given for those who graduated high school in the Western INBRE region)
8. Obstacles you have overcome to obtain your education

***Western INBRE Fellows are responsible for their own housing and transportation costs for the 10-week fellowship period. Two exceptions – Depending on interest, there MAY be the option to include housing at the University of Idaho and at the IVREF.

2) Idaho students looking for opportunities throughout the Western IDeA Region may visit the individual INBRE programs at the links below:

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