2018 Idaho INBRE Statewide Research Conference

Conference Dates: Monday, July 30 – Wednesday, August 1, 2018


Thank you to everyone who attended the 2018 Idaho INBRE Summer Research Conference!

Slides are available for select 2018 INBRE Conference Presentations

1) From Poster to Publication – Dr. Carolyn Bohach and Dr. Sam Minnich

2) Final Slide from Dr. Janet Iwasa’s keynote presentation – including links to the sites she mentioned


Conference Website: https://eventmobi.com/idahoinbre2018/


Contact Whitney Myers (whitneyf@uidaho.edu; 208-885-2097) or Linda Liou (lioul@uidaho.edu; 208-885-5373 with questions or concerns.

Congratulations to the 2017 winners of Fast Pitch Science and the Undergraduate Poster session!

Fast Pitch Science – Change-Up Session:
Grand Slam: Brenda Hansen, College of Western Idaho

Home Run: Yvonne Nyavor, University of Idaho

Fast Pitch Science – Slider Session:
Grand Slam: Jason Ward, College of Western Idaho
Home Run: Bryan Grimm, Lewis-Clark State College

Undergraduate Summer Research-Faculty Choice
1st Place: Michael Elder Waters, University of Idaho, “The effect of Garcinia buchananii stem bark extract on inhibitory junction potentials (IJPs) in porcine descending colon”
2nd Place: Orion Thomson-Vogel, Boise State University, “Bovine Mastitis and Staphylococcus aureus antigens”
3rd Place: Mario Escobar, Dianna Cheney, Ryan Granger, Brigham Young University – Idaho, “Estradiol and Progesterone regulate Cytochrome P450 A1 and Cytochrome P450 B1 mRNA Expression in Immortalized Mink Uterine Cells”
Honorable Mention: Michael Camerino, North Idaho College, “Genetic mechanism of the neuro-synaptic pathway in the rod circuit”
Honorable Mention: Amy Blinder, Idaho Veterans Research and Education Foundation, “Diagnostic Biomarker Discovery for Cryptogenic Group A Streptococcal Infection”

Undergraduate Summer Research-Student Choice
1st Place: Emily Kizer, University of Idaho, “Saccharomyces yeasts to combat fungal pathogens of humans”
2nd Place: Gabryel Conley Natividad, University of Idaho, “Neurochi virtual reality simulator of the cerebrospinal fluid system”

3rd Place: Casetin Lybbert, Idaho State University, “Effects of Low pH on Respiratory-Related Neural Activity During Development”
Honorable Mention: George May, University of Idaho, “The Effects of the Gut Microbiota in Diabetic Enteric Neuropathy”

Industry Interns
1st Place: Alyssa Holmes
, North Idaho College, “Use of selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor for treatment of depression”
2nd Place: John McAlpine, University of Idaho, “Gamma-Induced Radiation Chemistry of Phenyl-derivatized TODtA”
3rd Place: Jack Krusemark, North Idaho College, “Development of a wide pore silica gel”
Honorable Mention: Christina Contreras, College of Southern Idaho, “Black Fly Production Based on Water Fluid Levels”

Scholars/STEM Transition Trainees
1st Place: Colton Brodock
, Boise State University, “Optimizing MR Image Reconstruction of the Knee Joint for Computational Simulation”
2nd Place: Janet Leon, Idaho State University, “Retrograde Labelling of Motor Neurons through Accessory Nerve of a Zebra Finch”
3rd Place: Kyle McCain, University of Idaho, “MRI Based Biomarkers for Characterization of ALS”
Honorable Mention: Aurora Rosin, University of Idaho, “Combining Tensile Strain and Collagenase for Collagen Fiber Alignment”

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