INBRE supports graduate assistantships and post-doctoral fellowships in biomedical programs at the University of Idaho, Boise State University, and Idaho State University. Since 2001, 557 graduate students and 50 post-docs have received INBRE funding.

Criteria for competitive student selection include academic performance, under-represented status, a productive work environment, defined research goals, and a mentoring plan.

Students sponsored by INBRE are mentored, and annual feedback from both the student and the major professor are required to assess progress and assure successful educational experiences.

INBRE graduate students and post-docs are encouraged to take the NIBMS-sponsored, ‘Planning Your Scientific Journey’, an online NIGMS iBiology training course. They are also required to develop Individual Development Plans through AAAS or the NIGMS research training link.

Note that this opportunity is funded through the major professor of the graduate student or post-doctoral fellow. Students do not apply directly to INBRE.

University of Idaho
Idaho State University
Boise State University
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