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Our mission is to assist researchers and educators at INBRE network institutions to gain training in bioinformatics and generate, store and analyze data for their research and education programs through access to facilities and expertise present in core facilities throughout the state and region. We also seek to help educators at network institutions introduce their students to bioinformatics and bioinformatics careers through online curated bioinformatics resources for the classroom.

Data Science Core research facilities are physically located at three sites, the University of Idaho, Idaho State University, and Boise State University, to accommodate Idaho’s large geographic area and provide needed technological and human resources that support research projects.

Research projects within the INBRE scientific focus area of Cell Signaling include but are not limited to analyses of i) genomics and transcriptomics, ii) protein structure and proteomics, iii) small molecules and metabolomics, iv) imaging, v) evolution, and vi) gene expression. Also, state-of-the-art analytical software and technical experts are available to provide specialized help. The figure shows the Core locations and the 11 INBRE institutions.

Idaho INBRE Data Science Core Laboratory Facilities

Institute for Interdisciplinary Data Sciences (IIDS) - UI

The Biomedical Research Institute (BRI) - BSU

*Formerly the Biomolecular Research Center (BRC)

Molecular Research Core Facility (MRCF) - ISU

New! Sequencing Core - BSU

The facilities and capabilities at each location are outlined in the table below. The four Core facility locations allow users to access facilities on their campus or nearby campus. However, every INBRE institution can access all four Cores.

Core facilities at each of the three universities (University of Idaho, Idaho State University, Boise State University) are staffed by MS-and PhD-level scientists that are highly trained in the instrument operations. Bioinformaticians and biostatisticians are available at each Core facility to assist and train investigators and students in bioinformatics data analysis.


*Additionally, the Data Science Core at Boise State now includes the Sequencing Core

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Click below if you need help with the following:

  • Contact your institutional bioinformatics facilitator to learn about bioinformatics or statistical resources in the INBRE program.
  • Contact a bioinformatics person at an Idaho INBRE network institution, for help about INBRE or a pointer in the right direction.
  • See your local Institutional Bioinformatics Coordinator to design a data-intensive experiment in such a way that the downstream analysis answers your research question (up-front bioinformatics planning).
  • Find specific services in genomics, proteomics, molecular biology, etc. in the list of core facilities listed in the table above.

To learn about opportunities to support “omics” data collection and analysis, click below and choose the second option, ‘Bioinformatics Technology Access Grant’.


To find out about Bioinformatics degree programs in Idaho, click below.

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