The Developmental Research Project Program (DRPP) selects and supports the most promising meritorious biomedical research in Idaho. Idaho INBRE’s broad and inclusive scientific theme, Cell Signaling, best serves investigators from a variety of research areas. To accommodate diverse research/teaching appointments in the network institutions, three stratified levels of faculty research participation, each with specific obligatory milestones, are available. Sustainable investigator independence is the ultimate goal.

Although faculty at the research-intensive institutions are eligible, emphasis is to:

1) strengthen the research environment at primarily undergraduate institutions (PUIs);
2) integrate research into the PUI educator’s career; and
3) expose PUI students to meritorious research.


Developmental Research Project (DRP)

Requires ≥ 50% effort in research.


Pilot Project Investigator:

Requires ≥ 25% effort in research.
A pilot project can be an on-ramp to being a research project investigator.


Student Research Mentor:

Requires <20% effort in research.
These educators focus on providing undergraduate students high-impact participatory research experiences.

INBRE-4 Developmental Research Project (DRP) Researchers

Jared Barrott, Ph.D. (ISU) [2021-2023] “Bioprinting 3D sarcoma organoids on a liquid-liquid interface to promote functional precision medicine”
Jay Radke, Ph.D. (IVREF) [2021-2023] “Interrogating Cell Signaling Pathways during Ad14p1 Lung Pathogenesis”
Nancy Johnston, Ph.D. (LCSC) [2019-2022] "Volatile Organic Compounds and Sulfur Monitoring of Northwest wildfire smoke and ambient air - implications on human health"
Diana Mitchell, Ph.D. (UI) [2019-2021] "Revealing microglia and macrophage functions during retinal regeneration"
Ben Johnson, Ph.D. (BSU) [2019-2021] "Strategies to Mitigate Fibrous Encapsulation of Neural Implants"
Paul Rowley, Ph.D. (UI) [2019-2021] "Novel Killer Toxins and their Efficacy Against Drug-Resistant Candida glabrata"

INBRE-4 Pilot Project Researchers

Patrick Hrdlicka, Ph.D. (UI) [2023-2024] "Silencing of gene expression using chemically modified DNA-targeting oligonucleotides"
Sydney Boutros, Ph.D. (BSU) [2023-2025] "Assessing the effects of glyphosphate (RoundUp) on hippocampus-dependent learning and immediate early gene expression"
Nancy Johnston, Ph.D. (LCSC) [2023-2024] "Air Pollution and Health Outcomes in the Lewis Clark Valley"
Owen McDougal, Ph.D. (BSU) [2023-2025] "Investigating Bioactive Alkaloids in Kratom"
Srinath Pashikanti, Ph.D. (ISU) [2023-2025] "Design, Synthesis of Novel Ascorbate Analogs Potentiating α9α10 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors of Medial Olivocochlear System (MOCS)"
Heather Ray, Ph.D. (ISU) [2023-2025] "Effect of Masp1 proteolytic activity on extracellular regulators of BMP signaling"
Aykut Satici, Ph.D. (BSU) [2023-2024] "Detection of Cellular Fibrous Networks via Machine Learning"
Kinta Serve, Ph.D. (ISU) [2023-2025] "Examining monocyte contribution to sexually dimorphic pleural disease outcomes following asbestos exposure"
Deb Stenkamp, Ph.D. (UI) [2023-2024] "Cis-regulatory control of differential expression of tandemly replicated cone opsin genes"
John Thurston, Ph.D. (CoI) [2023-2024] "Development of photoactive materials to interrupt microbial quorum sensing events"
Anamaria Zavala, Ph.D. (BSU) [2023-2024] "The Role of Mechanical Stress in Mitigating Chemotherapy Side Effects"
Tyler Bland, Ph.D. (UI) [2021-2023] “CHRM3 is a biomarker and drug target in chemoresistant lung cancer”
Jennifer Chase, Ph.D. (NNU) [2021-2023] "Modeling cancer and metabolic syndrome effects in cultured uterine cell lines"
Nick Vietri, M.D. (IVREF) [2021-2023] “An in vitro characterization of the effect of antibiotics used to treat Clostridium septicum on toxin production and gene expression”
Julia Martin, Ph.D. (ISU) [2021-2022] “Determine the role in Ca in Mn homeostasis and bacterial capsule biogenesis”
Xinzhu Pu, Ph.D. (BSU) [2019-2021] "Signaling Mechanisms in Doxorubicin-induced Disruption of Cardiac Extracellular Matrix Homeostatis"
Luke Montrose, Ph.D. (Boise State University)
Luke Montrose, Ph.D. (BSU) [2019-2021] "A pilot study to elucidate the molecular mechanisms underlying the protective effect of exercise in a rat model of Alzheimer's disease"
S. Seth Long, Ph.D. (LCSC) [2019-2021] "Retinal Neural Analysis with the GeForce RTX GPU"
Amy Skibiel, Ph.D. (UI) [2019-2021] "Mitochondrial signaling and activity in relation to milk synthesis across lactation"
Gunes Uzer, Ph.D. (BSU) [2019-2021] "Role of LINC mediated mechanosignaling in MSC Aging"
Danny Xu, Ph.D. (ISU) [2019-2021] "Modulating Cisplatin-Induced Inner Ear Hair Cell Apoptosis Signaling"
Ben Richardson, Ph.D. (UI) [2019-2020] "Strategies to Mitigate Fibrous Encapsulation of Neural Implants"

INBRE-4 NIH Supplement Researchers (totaling $3.1M)

Team NOSI: Deb Stenkamp, Diana Mitchell, Linh Nguyen Ph.Ds. (UI). [2023-2024] "Dynamic Cellular Events in Assembling the Vertebrate Eye"
Women's Health Supplement: Annie Roe, Ph.D. (UI). [2023-2024] "Women's Health: interplay of maternal diet and key demographics on neurological health in the rural frontier and remote West"
Equipment NOSI: Barrie Robison, Ph.D. (UI). [2023-2024] "Idaho INBRE Program - UI Equipment Upgrade for INBRE Data Science Core"
INBRE/COBRE Supplement: Danny Xu, Ph.D. (ISU), Brad Morrison, Ph.D. (BSU). [2023-2024] “Idaho INBRE Program – Computer-aided drug development coupled with allergic response biology to identify novel therapeutics”
INBRE/COBRE Supplement: Seth Long, Ph.D. (LCSC), Diana Mitchell, Ph.D. (UI). [2021-2023] “Quantitative image analysis to determine the function of selected microglia-expressed genes in retinal development and regeneration”
Women's Health Supplement: Amy Skibiel, Ph.D. (UI) [2021-2023] “Idaho INBRE Women’s Health: Contribution of mammary mitochondrial dysfunction to poor milk production in diabetic mothers"
COVID Supplement: Barrie Robison, Ph.D. (UI) [2021-2022] “Idaho INBRE SARS-CoV-2 variant surveillance using viral genome sequencing and analyses”
INBRE/COBRE Supplement: Richard Beard, Ph.D. (BSU), Luke Daniels, Ph.D. (CoI). [2020-2021] "Cellular Crosstalk Between Glioma and Blood-brain Barrier Endothelia"
EVALI: Sara Heggland, Ph.D. (CoI) [2020-2021] “Effects of e-cigarette flavors on the extracellular matrix and viability of lung fibroblasts and osteoblasts”
INBRE/COBRE Supplement: Cheryl Jorcyk, Ph.D., Don Warner, Ph.D. (BSU) [2019-2020] “Structure-informed drug design to inhibit the pro-metastatic cytokine Oncostatin M”

INBRE-4 RAIN Collaborative Research Projects

"Chemical Characterization of Western Wildfire Smoke, Lung Toxicity, and Health Risks." [2024-2025] Dr. Nancy Johnston (LCSC), Dr. Gayan Rubasinghege (New Mexico Tech), Dr. Soyoung Jeon (New Mexico State Univ.)
"Assessing the function of citrullinated proteins in asbestos-induced lung inflammation." [2024-2025] Dr. Kinta Serve (ISU), Dr. Brian Cherrington (Univ. of Wyoming)
"A mechanistic and structural analysis of an aerolysin-like protein produced by yeasts." [2024-2025] Dr. Paul Rowley (UI), Dr. Martin Lawrence (Montana State Univ.)
"Development of Arrayed Interdigitated Electrode Biosensors for High Throughput Biomedical Diagnostics" [2023-2024] Dr. Matthew Bernards (UI), Dr. Joshua Heinemann (Montana State Univ.)
"Physics-informed AI multifidelity framework for in vivo microcirculation hemodynamics" [2023-2024] Dr. Gianluca Blois (UI), Dr. Yaofa Li (Montana State Univ.)
"Investigations of Mixed Metal Tandem Catalysis for the Synthesis of Complex Ring Systems and Bioactive Agents" [2023-2024] Dr. Kris Waynant (UI), Dr. Elliott Hulley (Univ. of Wyoming)
"Closing the Health Disparity Gap using an Autonomous Personal Health Library PerHL" [2022-2023] Dr. Hasan Jamil (UI), Dr. Clinton Jeffery (New Mexico Tech)
"Investigating the Function of Titin in the Neuron Nucleolus" [2022-2023] Dr. Lisa Warner (BSU), Dr. Lynn George (Montana State Univ., Billings)
"Harnessing of deep-diving seal cardioprotective factors as novel therapy for myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury" [2021-2022] Dr. Jennifer Chase (NNU), Dr. Allyson Hindle (Univ. of Nevada, LV), Dr. Danielle Bruns (Univ. of Wyoming)
"Catalytic carboxylation of alkynes, alkenes, and arenes from C02 for late stage insertion into advanced pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)" [2021-2022] Dr. Kris Waynant (UI), Dr. Elliott Hulley (Univ. of Wyoming)
"NHANES Evaluation Pertaining to High-risk Renal-function Organophosphate & Nutritional components: The NEPHRON study" [2020-2021] Dr. Cynthia Curl (BSU), Dr. Sally Moyce (Montana State Univ.), Dr. Evan Johnson (Univ. of Wyoming)

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