From left: Mason Shipley (UI), Nabin Bhattarai (ISU), and Jolee Aeschliman (LCSC)

We asked students to describe their INBRE experience in 3 words and this is what they said!


Rewarding, Insightful, Fun – Jolee Aeschliman (LCSC)
Life changing – Cody Andrus (CSI/IVREF)

I love science – Andrew Barrios (NNU)
Experience, Excitement, Wonderful – Nabin Bhattarai (ISU)
Educated, Challenged, Inspired – Catherine Brands (UI)

Humbling, Fulfilling, Interesting – Michael Camerino (UI)
Drive, Growth, Experience – Marcos Cervantes (CoI)

Challenging, Exciting, Teamwork – Daniel Greiner (BSU)
Experiencing the future – Andria Hendricks (ISU)
Intense, Enjoyable, Awesome – Laline Jam (ISU)
Informative, Challenging, Rewarding – Delaney Jones (LCSC)

Exciting, Fun, Educational – Lynn Karriem (BSU)
Networking, Learning, Problem solving – Camdon Kay (ISU)
Challenging, Persevering, Rewarding – Courtney Kennedy (UI)
Learning, Perseverance, Dedication – Sydney Kuther (UI)

Inspirational, Educational, Potential-reaching – Leah Lambert (UI)
Family thru Research – Chad Larsen (UI)

Impacting, Enriching, Influential – McKenzie Mangun (ISU)
Encounter, Warfare, Motivating – Maria Marez (ISU)
Empowering, Educational, Research – Kristin Nesbitt (UI)

Fun hard work – Dustin Pierce (UI)
Read, Read, Read – Caleb Quates (UI)

Informative, Fun, Challenging – Sadie Ranck (UI)
Insightful, Meaningful, Collaborative – Nathan Reynolds (UI)

Directional, Challenging, Fulfilling – Corrinah Schaefer (NNU)
Awesome, Science Rules – Frankie Scholz (UI/IVREF)
Learning, Safety glasses, Inspired – Tyler Siegford (UI)
Excellent Experience Realized – Mason Shipley (UI)

Community, Discovery, Future – John Tokle (UI)

Fun, Educational, Worthwhile – Douglas Walker (ISU)
Exciting, Challenging, Fulfilling – Michael Elder Waters (UI)
Inspiring, Discovery, Rewarding – Florence Wavreil (CoI)
Scholarly, Enjoyable, Helpful – Micah Woodward (UI))

Industry Interns

Challenge, Research, Solution – Tana Rayburn (NIC)

Mind-blowing, Worthwhile, Inspirational – John Sanchez (NIC)


Opportunities, Future, Revealing – Emma Scott (CSI)

Inspiring, Educational, Learning – Alvin Sihapanya (CSI)

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