Reported to INBRE as of January 2012

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Reported to INBRE as of January 2012

NSF  (Hartzell, Patricia)     07/2011
“Phase variation in Myxococcus.”

W.M. Keck Foundation  (Jorcyk, Cheryl; Yurke, Bernard; Lee, Jeunghoon; Knowlton, Bill; Hughes, Will)     07/2011
“Synthetic DNA reactions for low-cost diagnosis and treatment of disease.”

Idaho State University  (Rose, William)     01/2011
“Faculty research committee grant competition.”

Fur Commission USA/Mink Farmers Research Foundation  (Rose, William)     06/2011
“Role of prolactin in regulating uterine glycogen metabolism in mink.”

NSF DUE  (Knowlton, Bill)     01/2011
“Implementing guided inquiry in diverse institutions.”

NASA  (Oxford, Julia)     06/2011
“Induction of early stages of osteoarthritis after exposure to microgravity.”  National Space Biomedical Research Institute (NSBRI) Postdoctoral Fellowship.

Idaho Potato Commission  (Karasev, Alexander)     07/2011
“Survey of PVY strains in Idaho.”

Washington State Potato Commission  (Karasev, Alexander)     07/2011
“Surveillance for PVY types in Washington and Oregon.”

Idaho State Department of Agriculture  (Karasev, Alexander)     10/2011
“Eradication of necrotic strains of Potato virus Y in Idaho.”

Idaho Sugar Beet Commission  (Karasev, Alexander)     04/2011
“Genetic diversity of Beet curly top virus in Idaho.”

Idaho State Department of Agriculture  (Karasev, Alexander)     10/2011
“Development of virus-resistant yellow bean varieties.”

Pfizer  (Aldape, Michael)     06/2011
“The effects of tigecycline on the growth, sporulation, and expression and production of virulence factors associated with Clostridium difficile infection.”

Optimer Pharmaceuticals, Inc  (Aldape, Michael)     06/2011
“The effects of fidaxomicin on the expression and production of virulent factors associated with Clostridium difficile infection.”

BSU Div. of Research & Economic Development / pSiFlow  Inc  (Cornell, Kenneth)     09/2011
“Point-of-care silicon chip devices for medical diagnosis.”

NSF  (Thomas, Michael)     01/2011
“MRI: Acquisition of an ion PGM sequencer for research and education.”

HERC Idaho SBOE  (McDougal, Owen)     07/2011
“Academic liaison with industry: from big D little r to big D big R is good for Idaho.”

Idaho Office of Species Conservation 2011  (Forbey, Jennifer)     01/2011
“Assessing the dietary quality of sagebrush in sage-grouse winter and breeding habitats.”

MSTMRI  (Habig, Jeff)     03/2011
“LC/MS-based identification of cellular factors involved in stable inheritance of the Epstein-Barr virus genome during replication of latently infected B lymphocytes.”

NSF – CDI  (Habig, Jeff)     01/2011
“A computer framework for modeling complex pattern formation.”

ISU  (Groome, James)     05/2011
“Neurochemical targets for intervention in Parkinson’s disease.”

NIH – NHLBI  (Bearden, Shawn)     02/2011
“Microvascular dysfunction in Hyperhomocysteinemia.”

Mountain States Tumor and Medical Research Institute  (Hiremath, Minoti)     03/2011
“Crosstalk between PTHrP and estrogen receptor in mammary development and breast cancer.”

National Science Foundation  (Kim, Byung)     01/2011
“MRI: Development of a COIFM with lateral modulation for studying interfacial water.”

Bonneville Power Administration  (Powell, Matt)     01/2011
“Genetic analyses: Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission.”

NASA Idaho Space Grant Consortium  (Powell, Matt)     01/2011
“The effects of microgravity on cartilage health.”

National Space Biomedical Research Institute  (Mellor, Liliana)     11/2011
“Induction of early stages of Osteoarthritis after exposure to microgravity.”

UI COBRE Pilot Program  (Miura, Tanya)     08/2011
“The alveolar epithelium: a target for viral infection and initiation of the immune response to viral infection.”

UI COBRE Pilot Program  (Miura, Tanya)     09/2011
“Using Toxoplasma gondii proteins to reduce asthma related inflammation.”

UI OSP – COBRE Pilot Program  (Cole, Douglas)     08/2011
“Structure-function analysis of ciliopathic transport proteins.”

Murdock Foundation  (Foster, James)     08/2011
“Computational support for evolutionary biology.”

NSF  (Foster, James)     01/2011
“BEACON Center for the study of evolution in action/”

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