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Boise State University

Name: Bond, Laura
Title: Bioinformatics Educational Coordinator; Biostatistician, BSU Western IDeA CTR-IN
Phone: 208-426-1438
Email: lbond@boisestate.edu

Name: Cornell, Ken
Title: Associate Professor of Chemistry; Director, Idaho INBRE Bioinformatics Core
Phone: 208-426-5429
Email: kencornell@boisestate.edu

Name: Forbey, Jennifer 
Title: Associate Professor of Biological Sciences
Phone: 208-426-4426
Email: jenniferforbey@boisestate.edu

Name: Jibben, Barbara
Title: Program Manager
Phone: 208-426-2924
Email: barbarajibben@boisestate.edu

Name: Jorcyk, Cheryl
Title: Professor of Biological Sciences; Director of Clinical & Translational Research; Concierge, BSU Western IDeA CTR-IN
Phone: 208-426-4287
Email: cjorcyk@boisestate.edu

Name: Oxford, Julie
Title: Professor of Biological Sciences; BSU INBRE Program Leader; Director, COBRE in Matrix Biology
Phone: 208-426-2395
Email: joxford@boisestate.edu

Name: Smith, Diane 
Title: Program Assessment and Reporting Coordinator
Phone: 208-426-2256
Email: dianesmith1@boisestate.edu

Name: Yarnell, Tracy 
Title: Administrative Assistant, Biomolecular Research Center
Phone: 208-426-2238
Email: tracyyarnell@boisestate.edu

Brigham Young University- Idaho

Name: Christenson, Steve
Title: Professor of Biology; BYU-I INBRE Program leader
Phone: 208-496-4609
Email: christensons@byui.edu

Name: Diehl, Cody
Title: Asst. Professor of Biology; BYU-I INBRE Co-Program Leader
Phone: 208-496-4639
Email: diehlc@byui.edu

Name: Higginbotham, Holden
Title: Professor of Biology
Phone: 208-496-4635
Email: higginbothamh@byui.edu

Name: Hunt, Jason
Title: Professor of Biology
Phone: 208-496-4620
Email: huntj@byui.edu

Name: Kelson, Todd
Title: Professor of Biology; BYU-I Intern Coordinator
Phone: 208-496-4621
Email: kelsont@byui.edu

The College of Idaho

Name: Dadabay, Carolyn
Title: Associate Professor of Chemistry
Phone: 208-459-5228
Email: cdadabay@collegeofidaho.edu

Name: Daniels, Luke
Associate Professor of Biology; CoI Bioinformatics Coordinator

Name: Gunderson, Mark
Title: Associate Professor and Chair of Biology; CoI INBRE Program Leader
Phone: 208-459-5657
Email: mgunderson@collegeofidaho.edu

Name: Heggland, Sara
Title: Professor and Smith-Stanford Endowed Chair of Biology
Phone: 208-459-5063
Email: sheggland@collegeofidaho.edu

Name: Thurston, John
Title: Associate Professor and Chair of Chemistry
Phone: 208-459-5531
Email: jthurston@collegeofidaho.edu

College of Southern Idaho

Name: Campbell, Heidi
Title: Associate Dean of STEM
Phone: 208-732-6429
Email: hcampbell@csi.edu

Name: Rice Doetsch, Amy
Title: Professor of Biology; CSI INBRE Program Leader
Phone: 208-732-6848
Email: aricedoetsch@csi.edu

Name: Ebener, Bill
Title: Chair, Biology
Phone: 208-732-6808
Email: bebener@csi.edu

Name: Simpkin, Janice
Professor of Biology

Name: Smith, Randy
Title: Professor of Biology
Phone: 208-732-6817
Email: rsmith@csi.edu

College of Western Idaho

Name: Jensen, Katherine (Kae)
Title: Dean of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math
Phone: 208-562-3336
Email: kaejensen@cwidaho.cc

Name: Mackenzie, Heidi
Title: Administrative Assistant
Phone: 208-562-2096
Email: heidimackenzie@cwidaho.cc

Name: McClain, Brian
Title: Asst. Professor of Chemistry; CWI INBRE Program Leader
Phone: 208-562-3143
Email: brianmcclain@cwidaho.cc

Name: Oppenheimer, Suzanne
Title: Asst. Professor of Biology; CWI INBRE Scholars Coordinator
Phone: 208-562-2079
Email: Suzanneoppenheimer@cwidaho.cc

Idaho State University

Name: Austin, Mark
Title: Professor of Biological Sciences; ISU INBRE Program Leader
Phone: 208-282-4333
Email: austinm@isu.edu

Name: Thomas, Michael
Title: Professor and Chair, Biological SciencesISU INBRE Bioinformatics Coordinator
Phone: 208-282-2396
Email: mthomas@isu.edu

Idaho Veterans Research and Education Foundation

Name: Aldape, Michael
Title: Research Scientist
Phone: 208-422-1599
Email: Maldape32@hotmail.com

Name: Bryant, Amy
Title: Research Scientist; IVREF INBRE Program Leader
Phone: 208-422-1364
Email: amybryant@clear.net

Name: Stevens, Denny
Title: Professor of Medicine; President of IVREF
Phone: 208-422-1599
Email: dlsteven@mindspring.com

Lewis-Clark State College

Name: Finan, Jane
Title: Associate Professor of Biology; LCSC INBRE Co-Program Leader
Phone: 208-792-2407
Email: jfinan@lcsc.edu

Name: Johnston, Matt
Title: Associate Professor and Chair, Chemistry; LCSC INBRE Co-Program Leader
Phone: 208-792-2410
Email: majohnston@lcsc.edu

North Idaho College

Name: Cooper, Rhena
Title: Instructor of Biology; Director, Idaho INBRE Training, Workforce Development, and Diversity Core
Phone: 208-769-3476
Email: trcooper@nic.edu

Name: Downing, Jon
Title: Instructor of Chemistry; NIC INBRE Industry Intern Coordinator
Phone: 208-769-7706
Email: Jon.Downing@nic.edu

Name: Foster, David
Title: Instructor of Biology; NIC INBRE Bioinformatics Coordinator
Phone: 208-769-7705
Email: David.Foster@nic.edu

Name: Lambert, Paula
Title: Chair, Division of Natural Sciences; NIC INBRE Program Leader
Phone: 208-769-3249
Email: Paula.Lambert@nic.edu

Northwest Nazarene University

Name: Chase, Jennifer
Title: Associate Professor, Biology
Phone: 208-467-8892
Email: JRChase@nnu.edu

Name: Myers, Barry
Title: Associate Professor, Health Science, Math and Computer Science
Phone: 208-467-8670
Email: BLMyers@nnu.edu

Name: Nixon, Jamee
Title: Assistant Professor, Biology
Phone: 208-457-8677
Email: jnixon@nnu.edu

Name: Nogales, Dan
Title: Dean, College of Arts and Sciences; NNU INBRE Program Leader
Phone: 208-467-8672
Email: DFNogales@nnu.edu

Name: Straight, Michael
Title: Secretary, School of Health and Science
Phone: 208-467-8049
Email: MFStraight@nnu.edu

University of Idaho

Name: Bohach, Carolyn Hovde
Title: UI Distinguished Professor; Director, Idaho INBRE
Phone: 208-596-1747
Email: cbohach@uidaho.edu

Name: Liou, Linda
Title: Program Manager and Evaluation Director
Phone: 208-885-5373
Email: lioul@uidaho.edu

Name: Minnich, Scott
Title: Professor of Microbiology; Idaho INBRE Program Coordinator; Associate Director, Idaho INBRE; Director, Idaho INBRE Research Mentoring Core
Phone: 208-885-7884
Email: sminnich@uidaho.edu

Name: Myers, Whitney
Title: Program Manager and Fiscal Director
Phone: 208-885-2097
Email: whitneym@uidaho.edu

Name: Schiele, Nathan
Title: Asst. Professor of Biological Engineering; UI INBRE Fellows Coordinator
Phone: 208-885-9063
Email: nrschiele@uidaho.edu

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