The statewide Steering Committee establishes policies and operating procedures of the Idaho INBRE Network. It oversees the management of the network, identifies best practices, approves investigators and Scientific Mentors/Advisors in the Developmental Research Project Program, gives constructive review, and adjusts the evaluation plan. The committee also addresses the career-building needs of Idaho research faculty, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, and undergraduate students. The 19-member Steering Committee is chaired by Dr. Carolyn Hovde Bohach and includes the INBRE Program Leaders from each institution.

Carolyn Hovde Bohach, Ph.D

Idaho INBRE Director
University Distinguished Professor
School of Food Science
University of Idaho

Rhena Cooper, M.S.

INBRE Statewide Student Program Director
Biology Instructor
Natural Sciences Division
North Idaho College

Ken Cornell, Ph.D.

Idaho INBRE Bioinformatics_Data Science Core Director
Professor, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Boise State University

Cody Diehl, Ph.D.
Cody Diehl, Ph.D.

Professor of Biology
Brigham Young University-Idaho (BYU-I)

James Groome, Ph.D.

Professor of Biological Sciences
Idaho State University

Sara Heggland, Ph.D.

Professor and Smith-Stanford Endowed Chair of Biology
The College of Idaho (CoI)


Megan Jacobson, M.S.
Megan Jacobson, M.S.

Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry
College of Southern Idaho (CSI)

Matt Johnston, Ph.D.

Professor and Chair, Chemistry
Lewis-Clark State College

Paula Lambert, Ph.D.

Division Chair & Biology Instructor
Natural Sciences Division
North Idaho College

Linda Liou

Statewide Program Manager & Evaluation Director
University of Idaho

Brian McClain, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Natural Sciences & Mathematics Division
College of Western Idaho

Scott A. Minnich, Ph.D.

Idaho INBRE Associate Director
Research Core Director
Professor, School of Food Science
University of Idaho

Whitney Myers

Statewide Program Manager & Fiscal Director Administrator
University of Idaho

Dan Nogales, Ph.D.

Professor,  Health and Science
Northwest Nazarene University

Christopher T. Nomura, Ph.D.

Vice President for Research and Economic Development
University of Idaho

Julie Oxford, Ph.D.

Professor and PI/Director
Matrix Biology COBRE
Department of Biological Sciences
Boise State University

Dennis Stevens, MD, Ph.D.

Chief of Infectious Diseases
Boise VA Medical Center
Idaho Veterans Research and Education Foundation (IVREF)

Eric Stoffregen, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biology
Lewis-Clark State College

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