Hello Idaho INBRE:

Help me welcome Dr. Ken Cornell in his new role as the Bioinformatics Core Director for the Idaho INBRE program. Many of you already know Dr. Cornell, but if you have not had the pleasure of meeting him, he is an associate professor in the department of Chemistry & Biochemistry and the associate director of the Biomolecular Research Center at Boise State University. INBRE will benefit from his knowledge and helpful, interactive nature. His research focuses on therapeutics development for infectious disease and cancer. As the INBRE Bioinformatics Core Director, he plans to build on his predecessor’s and past program success to promote bioinformatics-related research. He will launch a statewide seed grant program to support “omics” projects that leverage Idaho Core facilities. More information on the seed grant program and application procedure will be available in August, 2017. Please contact Dr. Cornell at kencornell@boisestate.edu for all inquiries.

Best regards,
Carolyn H. Bohach,
Director of the Idaho INBRE Program

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