The Developmental Research Project Program (DRPP) selects and supports the most promising meritorious biomedical research in Idaho.  To accommodate diverse research/teaching appointments in the network institutions, three stratified levels of faculty research participation, each with specific obligatory milestones, are available. Sustainable investigator independence is the ultimate goal.

Although faculty at the research-intensive institutions are eligible, emphasis is to:

1) strengthen the research environment at primarily undergraduate institutions (PUIs);
2) integrate research into the PUI educator’s career; and
3) expose PUI students to meritorious research.


Research Project Leader

Requires ≥ 50% effort in research.


Pilot Project Leader

Requires ≥ 25% effort in research.
A pilot project can be an on-ramp to being a research project investigator.


PUI Preceptor:

Requires <20% effort in research.
These educators focus on providing undergraduate students high-impact participatory research experiences.

INBRE-5 Research Project Leaders (RPLs)

Ali Habashi, Ph.D. (ISU) [2024-2026] "Development of a Novel Nano-liposomal Peptide Delivery System for Modulation of Rheumatoid Arthritis by Targeting the Gut RAS"
Sarah Hobdey, Ph.D. (IVREF) [2024-2026] "Generation of fully human recombinant antitoxin antibodies for the treatment of necrotizing infections"
Leigh Latta, Ph.D. (LCSC) [2024-2026] "The Multifarious Context-Dependence of Spontaneous Mutation"

INBRE-5 Pilot Project Leaders (PPL)

Lizbeth de la Cruz, Ph.D. (ISU) [2024-2025] "Sympathetic nervous system as a target for age-related glucose metabolism dysfunction"
Hasan Jamil, Ph.D. (UI) [2024-2025] "Discovering Male Factor Fertility Disease Mechanism using AI, LLM and Data Science"
Sydney Boutros, Ph.D. (BSU) [2023-2025] "Assessing the effects of glyphosphate (RoundUp) on hippocampus-dependent learning and immediate early gene expression"
Owen McDougal, Ph.D. (BSU) [2023-2025] "Investigating Bioactive Alkaloids in Kratom"
Srinath Pashikanti, Ph.D. (ISU) [2023-2025] "Design, Synthesis of Novel Ascorbate Analogs Potentiating α9α10 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors of Medial Olivocochlear System (MOCS)"
Heather Ray, Ph.D. (ISU) [2023-2025] "Effect of Masp1 proteolytic activity on extracellular regulators of BMP signaling"
Kinta Serve, Ph.D. (ISU) [2023-2025] "Examining monocyte contribution to sexually dimorphic pleural disease outcomes following asbestos exposure"
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