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eScience Seed Grants: Big Data in Translational Health Science

Due date: August 30, 2013

The University of Washington eScience Institute, in cooperation with the Institute of Translational Health Sciences (ITHS), is pleased to sponsor small pilot grants focused on the application of data-intensive techniques, tools, approaches, and platforms to any aspect of translational health science.

Seed Grant

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$15,000 in direct costs
Zero to five awards will be made


The intent of the awards is to fund new collaborations that bridge the existing eScience and translational health research communities and prepare investigators for subsequent substantial follow-up proposals to NIH and other agencies, possibly in response to one of the several open Big Data RFAs. Given the intent of this program, all proposals must include a significant collaboration between eligible PIs from the UW eScience community and the WWAMI ITHS community. Successful applications will describe how the proposed research will support new grant applications.


Letter of intent due:
— 8/30/13
Full proposal due
(by invitation):
— 10/01/13

About the eScience Institute

The eScience Institute was founded on the recognition that all across the sciences, the process of discovery is increasingly relying on researchers’ ability to extract knowledge from vast amounts of data in automated or semi-automated ways. The UW eScience Institute is a leader in advancing these techniques and technologies, and in making these techniques and technologies accessible to researchers in the broadest imaginable range of fields.


What’s the process?

To begin the grant process, Investigators are asked to submit a two-paragraph “Letter of intent” summarizing the proposed pilot project. Based on the Letters of Intent, the eScience/ITHS Pilot Review Committee will prioritize the projects and invite grant applications from those most meritorious. Letters of Intent should contain a summary of the following items:

  • Brief overview of specific aims

  • Summary of proposed research design/approach

  • What is innovative/translational about this project

  • Expected significance of the project for the eScience/Big Data community

Each letter of intent should contain the names and affiliations of the collaborators, a one to two paragraph description of the proposed research, and a budget sketch. In the event that an ITHS community member or eScience community member has a proposal but no collaborator, the letter should state this clearly and the summary will be used by the review committee to suggest potential collaborators for the final full proposal. Full proposals will not be accepted for consideration without a completed letter of intent. You are encourage to submit your Letters of Intent early as possible as these letters will be reviewed on an ongoing basis. Letters of Intent will be received via email in a Word document or PDF format:

Am I eligible to apply?

Investigators in the Puget Sound and WWAMI regions are eligible to apply though at least one collaborator must be from the University of Washington. Individuals who have been funded as Principal Investigator (PI) on one of the ITHS pilot grants within the past two years are not eligible to submit a new application as PI. Eligible PIs are those with PI status from their respective home department. All faculty members (or those with equivalent titles) are eligible to apply for ITHS pilot funding and awards. Specifically, any Principal Investigator (PI) must hold one of the following academic titles):

  • Professor

  • Research Professor

  • Associate Professor

  • Research Associate Professor

  • Assistant Professor

  • Research Assistant Professor

  • Instructor

  • Lecturer

  • Research Scientist (if you are allowed to be the PI on a NIH grant)

The following academic titles are eligible to submit an application by exception:

  • Acting

  • Affiliate

  • Clinical

  • Emeritus

  • Senior Fellow – with pending faculty appointment

In this case, the application must include an original letter of support from their Department Chair or Dean.

ITHS Membership

If you have not already done so, you must join the ITHS prior to submitting the application. Please become a member (it is free to join). Applications from non-members will not be reviewed.

Translational or Clinical Research requirement

The proposed research MUST be readily identifiable as addressing issues in either translational or clinical research and must involve a clear application of data-intensive tools and techniques, including but not limited to scalable machine learning algorithms and systems, scalable SQL or NoSQL databases, data-intensive cloud services, advanced visualization, graph databases, or other tools and techniques associated with large-scale data management and analytics. It will be the responsibility of the PI to demonstrate the innovative aspects of the research and its potential for further extramural funding.

What is translational research?

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Other questions?

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