The Developmental Research Project Program (DRPP) selects and supports the most promising meritorious biomedical research in Idaho. Idaho INBRE’s broad and inclusive scientific theme, Cell Signaling, best serves investigators from a variety of research areas. To accommodate diverse research/teaching appointments in the network institutions, three stratified levels of faculty research participation, each with specific obligatory milestones, are available. Sustainable investigator independence is the ultimate goal.

Although faculty at the research-intensive institutions are eligible, emphasis is to 1) strengthen the research environment at primarily undergraduate institutions (PUIs), 2) integrate research into the PUI educator’s career, and 3) expose PUI students to meritorious research.


Research Project Investigator:

Requires ≥ 50% effort in research.


Pilot Project Investigator:

Requires ≥ 25% effort in research.
A pilot project can be an on-ramp to being a research project investigator.


Student Research Mentor:

Requires <20% effort in research.
These educators focus on providing undergraduate students high-impact participatory research experiences.

INBRE-3 Researchers

In alphabetical order.

Dr. Michael Aldape

Idaho Veterans Research and Education Foundation

“Effects of NSAIDs on the genesis of streptococcal myonecrosis after trauma”

Dr. Jennifer R. Chase

Northwest Nazarene University

 “Systems Biology Modeling of Ethanol’s Effects on Human Retinoid Metabolism”

Dr. Carolyn Dadabay

The College of Idaho

“Co-evolutionary approach to discover natural products that enhance therapeutics”

Dr. R. Luke Daniels

The College of Idaho

“Understanding how brain tumors invade healthy tissue: Cell motility in the GL261 glioma model system”

Dr. Jerry Harris

Northwest Nazarene University

“Environmental toxicology and human health implications of nanoparticles”

Dr. Sara Heggland

The College of Idaho

“Impact of electronic cigarettes on bone health:  Mechanisms of osteotoxicty”

Dr. Ayokunle Hodonu

Northwest Nazarene University

“Prolactin interaction with estrogen, progesterone and insulin in glycogen production in uterine epithelial cells”

Dr. Mark Gunderson

The College of Idaho

“Developing an invertebrate ecotoxicological model using signal crayfish”

Dr. Cheryl L. Jorcyk (Biological Sciences), Boise State University

Dr. Cheryl Jorcyk

Boise State University

“High-impact anti-inflammatory therapeutic for the treatment and possible prevention of metastatic breast cancer”

Dr. Leigh Latta

Lewis-Clark State College

“Mutation Accumulation and the Physiological Basis of Declines in Neural Function”

Dr. Seth Long

Lewis-Clark State College

“Computational Imaging in Retinal Circuit Development” 

Dr. Bryn Martin

University of Idaho

“Investigating the Impact of Arachnoid Trabeculae on Brain Tissue Stresses in Sports TBI”

Dr. Barry Myers

Northwest Nazarene University

“Detecting Prostate Cancer in Histological Images via Image Segmentation and Supervised Machine Learning”

Dr. Jamee Nixon

Northwest Nazarene University

“Assessing the antimicrobioal properties of ZnO nanoparticles on Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Dr. Nate Schiele

University of Idaho

“Mechanoregulation of the cell network for tenogenic stem cell differentiation”

Dr. Janice Simpkin

College of Southern Idaho

“Effect of Stratification and Scarification on Common Milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) Germination”

Dr. Randolph Smith (Biology), College of Southern Idaho

Dr. Randolph Smith

College of Southern Idaho

“Effect of Stratification and Scarification on Common Milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) Germination”

Dr. Eric Stoffregen

Lewis-Clark State College

“Characterizing Sim-dependent DNA replication challenges”

Dr. John Thurston

The College of Idaho

“Development of novel antibiotics that interrupt bacterial signaling processes”

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