Are you an undergraduate science, engineering or computer science major attending the University of Idaho who wants a hands-on, real-world bench experience? Will you be graduating (with a Bachelor’s degree) in December 2021 or later?

The Idaho INBRE Program is offering 10-week industry internships for students interested in biomedical sciences․ The program pays each awarded student to work full-time in an established industry laboratory․ In addition to doing guided research, students will attend professional development and scientific seminar presentations and will prepare a poster highlighting their work to be presented at the Idaho INBRE Summer Research Conference in Moscow on July 26-28.

Pay: $6000 for 10 weeks/full-time ($15/hour for 400 hours)
Starting date: May 17, 2021
Ending date: July 28 – at the close of the Summer Research Conference

For Summer 2021, Idaho INBRE is offering University of Idaho students industry internships in Moscow, ID at Alcyone Therapeutics, a new biotech company. Alcyone Therapeutics is a start-up company dedicated to improving the lives of people with devastating Central Nervous System diseases.  The company is pioneering next-generation gene therapies and medical devices to deliver the right therapeutic dose for each patient.

INBRE student industry interns will work in a rapid-paced and multi-disciplinary team to solve complex problems:  central nervous system drug delivery devices and protocol optimization, advanced pre clinical/clinical imaging and image post-processing, in vitro and computational modeling of the central nervous system and complex early stage R&D and pre clinical project management and planning.

The company is looking for:  someone who is high-energy and passionate about developing innovative and groundbreaking medical technologies from concept, someone who seeks to solve complex program challenges in the medical domain, someone who has excellent interpersonal and leadership skills and someone looking to apply their technical background to the development of cutting-edge medical technologies.

Steps to complete your application:

  1. Be a student enrolled the University of Idaho – who will be graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in December 2021 or later.
  2. Obtain a copy of your most recent college transcript – unofficial copies are acceptable․ Be sure to save the transcript in an easily accessible PDF format․
  3. Complete and submit this application form by the due date of April 5, 2021․
  4. NOTE: For 2021 – NO references are required to submit this application.

The Idaho INBRE Industry Internship program is competitive․ The number of applications we receive will exceed the available Internships․ To be considered for a Fellowship we must receive your complete application including transcripts by the due date of April 5, 2021․

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