• Name: Gustavo Gonzalez-Cuevas, Ph.D.
  • Institution: Idaho State University
  • Department: Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (Meridan campus)
  • Phone: 208-373-1776
  • Email: gustavogonzalezcu@isu.edu

Summary: My current research interests are focused on developing a wide variety of neurobehavioral assays that can assess cognitive and emotional functioning in both larval and adult zebrafish. These zebrafish models of behavioral pharmacology serve the ultimate purpose of screening test compounds for drug development and determining the key mechanisms for new neurotherapeutics of human brain disorders.

Minimum classes: N/A

Projects: Students will learn the experimental design of neurobehavioral assays, how to collect data using zebrafish to bring hands-on laboratory experiences, and statistical methods for analyzing laboratory data.

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