Summary: The Ytreberg group uses the principles of physics and computer simulations to understand protein structure, function and evolution. We are especially interested in determining the biophysical implications of protein evolution in viruses such as Ebola and HIV. Students that are interested in using computer simulations to understand how proteins function and evolve are particularly well-suited to the Ytreberg group.

Minimum Classes: Background in physics, biology, and/or biochemistry preferred

Projects: Below is an example project for students in the INBRE program. Many other projects tailored to the student’s experience and interests are possible. One current project in the Ytreberg group is to use molecular modeling to determine which amino acid changes in the respiratory syncytial virus would make the virus resistant to traditional treatment methods. The student will estimate how amino acid changes modify the binding of antibody proteins to the virus. This is part of a long term effort by the Ytreberg group to develop a modeling framework for predicting antibody escape mutations in viruses.
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