Summary: We use the principles of physics along with molecular modeling to design therapeutics to fight human disease. We are particularly interested in designing peptide and synthetic small molecules that fight fungal and viral infections. Students who are interested in biophysics/biochemistry and using computers to perform molecular modeling will enjoy being part of our lab.

Minimum Classes: None, but a background in physics, biology, biophysics and/or biochemistry is preferred

Projects: Specific INBRE projects are tailored to the student’s experience and interests, but here are examples. One recent project was to use molecular modeling to design short, linear peptides that bind a specific target protein called SUMO1. Such peptides could lead to the development of novel drugs to fight cancer in humans. Another recent project was to use molecular modeling to better understand the structure and function of a yeast killer toxin protein. This research could lead to the development of a new class of much-needed antifungal drugs. Projects are typically done in close collaboration with experimentalist researchers who validate our modeling predictions.

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