• Name: Naveen Joseph, Ph.D.
  • Institution: University of Idaho
  • Department: Idaho Water Resources Research Institute
  • Phone: 208-874-9762
  • Email: njoseph@uidaho.edu

Summary: I am an environmental epidemiologist who focuses on understanding the interactions between humans, the geospatial environment, time, and public health. My research interests mainly focus on the interdisciplinary field, namely GeoHealth, which lies at the intersection of environmental resources modeling and its potential implications to human health outcomes. For my research, I primarily use geospatial datasets, statistical tools, and hydrological models to address the GeoHealth issues both at regional and nationwide scales.

Minimum classes: N/A

Projects: GeoHealth: linking water resources to public health

This project aims at analyzing the degree to which environmental contaminants can explain the geospatial distribution of adverse health outcomes such as cancer incidence in the U.S. An environmental burden index summarizing the pesticides, water quality, and socio-economic variables would be beneficial rather than considering a single environmental variable. To this point, the Idaho Water Institute would like to pursue the goal of combining water metrics with the geospatial distribution of contaminants in the environment to determine the location of geographic regions where the risk of adverse health is pronounced. We use large-scale data analysis using various statistical and modeling tools.

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