Summary: Research in my laboratory focuses on the Nutrient metabolism × Inflammation interaction. In this context, we study biology of transition cow, mammary gland inflammation (mastitis), retinol-binding protein (transport system for retinol or vitamin A in circulation), and lactation and milk synthesis, and role of dairy products in the human health. Currently, there are 2 graduate students, 8 undergraduate students and a full-time sabbatical fellow in my laboratory. Current research projects include: 1) Effect of elevated lipid mobilization on fatty acid composition of blood and immune cells, 2) Do alterations in retinoids and retinol-binding protein status affect inflammatory response?, 3) Effect of trans fatty acids (tFA) on markers of systemic and local inflammation and the immune system of the periparturient dairy cattle, and 4) Interaction among energy status, retinol-binding protein status and intra-mammary infection in periparturient dairy cows.

Minimum Classes: N/A

Projects: We are planning to investigate the effects of obesity (over-conditioned animals) before parturition on alteration of fatty acids distribution in various lipid classes of serum as well as PBMC, and how these alterations affect immune cells. An INBRE fellow can be trained in basic laboratory procedures, fatty acid analysis as well as in immunoblotting, quantitative evaluation of gene expression, and data processing.
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