• Name: Peter Sheridan, Ph.D.
  • Institution: Idaho State University
  • Department: Biological Sciences
  • Phone: 208-282-5368
  • Email: sherpete@isu.edu

Summary: My main interests are in Microbial Diversity, the Molecular Adaptation of Enzymes to Extreme Environments, and the interplay of pathogenic microorganisms, bacteriophage, and natural antimicrobial products.

Minimum Classes: General Microbiology

Projects: Summer Fellows would be able to work on projects exploring the bacterial and fungal diversity of environmental samples; the cloning, overexpression, and characterization of genes encoding cold-active enzymes; the sequencing of the complete genomes of novel bacteria; or the genetic and metabolic response of pathogenic bacteria and bacteriophage. The student will have significant input on project choice, based on their individual interests. All of these projects rely heavily on a combination of Molecular Microbiological techniques, Biochemical techniques, and standard Microbiological techniques.

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