Summary: My program is focused on studies of plant viruses, with an emphasis on virus evolution, virus-host interactions, and virus genes responsible for disease induction and spread. We are also interested in new virus discovery, and new methods for rapid diagnostics based on high throughput sequencing (HTS), PCR, RT-PCR, and various immunological techniques.

Minimum classes: N/A, but chemistry classes taken are very useful in the lab

Projects: Two potential projects are proposed:

  1. Sequencing of several whole genomes of Potato virus Y(PVY) from our North American collection of PVY isolates or collected in the field, with subsequent bioinformatics analysis of the recombinant structure, phylogeny, biological phenotypes, and serological reactivity with select monoclonal antibodies. The overall goal – to correlate biological properties of the PVY strains with specific genetic signatures.
  2. To study the entire virome of a perennial crop grown in Idaho, through a combination of HTS and bioinformatics approaches, and subsequent characterization of genetic diversity of viruses in this crop. Focus on new viruses and virus strains unknown before.
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