Summary: The Bernards lab is focused on developing new polymer scaffolds for use in tissue engineering applications. These polymer materials have several unique characteristics that make them valuable for tissue engineering including the ability to change the mechanical properties, the ability to design them in three-dimensional shapes, and their natural resistance to nonspecific protein adsorption. This last characteristic is the most unique and it allows implant materials to more easily integrate into the body. We are actively developing these materials for bone tissue engineering, drug delivery, and cancer filtration applications.

Minimum classes: N/A

Projects: Students will be given the opportunity to assist in the development of these polymer scaffolds by focusing on the characterization of one aspect of the material. This could include measuring mechanical properties and determining how they depend on the underlying chemistry, quantifying protein adsorption to new formulations of polymers, or quantifying cell adhesion to new materials under development. Available projects in any given summer will be based on active research areas at the time.

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