Summary: My research interests are founded in the principle of applying Newtonian mechanics to the human structure in understanding the interplay between maximizing performance while mitigating injury. By investigating movement patterns, my belief is that we may identify limiting mechanics that may drive a strength and conditioning approach to reduce injury risk. We have begun to adapt this approach to multiple groups or populations (recreational runners, collegiate athletes, Reserve Officer Training Corps cadets, and dancers).

How do thresholds (fatigue, intensity, pregnancy, etc) cause movement patterns and coordination to change. Additionally, do these changes in patterns and coordination increase or decrease risk of musculoskeletal injury.

Understanding the relationship between movement patterns and training workloads with injury rates in collegiate women athletes.

Minimum classes: An understanding of physics and human anatomy, but the courses are not required.


  • Mechanics of increasing gait patterns during treadmill locomotion
  • Dancer mechanics across footwear and skills
    • These projects will incorporate motion capture (Vicon) and muscle activation (Delsys) data collection procedures. If the student is interested, they will also be introduced to data processing techniques using Matlab scripting language.
  • Movement pattern assessment during initial assessments of collegiate athletes
  • Development of an ROTC pattern assessment toolkit across all branches.
    • These projects include developing the skill of the Functional Movement Screen system developed by Gray Cook and colleagues. Students will also be directed to learn more about two-dimensional motion analysis which is a valuable skill for future physical and occupational therapists.
  • Transitioning the lab to the field in understanding mechanics of movement and the relationship of terrain.
    • Students will use wearable technology to expand the understanding of movement mechanics to outside the laboratory.
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