• Name: David McIlroy, Ph.D.
  • Institution: University of Idaho
  • Department: Physics
  • Phone: 208-885-6380
  • Email: dmcilroy@uidaho.edu

Summary: Our research interests are characterizing the mechanical properties of dental composites that integrate nanosprings as a linking agent in the polymer matrix. The NIH has identified dental composites as an area that needs further development. While the current technology has worked well, it has not be improved upon and the longevity of dental repairs needs to be increased as the population lives longer. The challenge of dental implants is increased composite strength, yet maintaining ductility.

Minimum Classes: N/A

Projects: The INBRE student on the project will work on characterizing the mechanical properties of the composite, as well as test the properties of the composite on extracted dog teeth. The student will learn to work with composites, to operate mechanical testing equipment, and learn how to analyze test data.

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