Our research program is grounded in the development of innovative synthetic methods that advance the science of organic chemistry and enable faster, cleaner, and cheaper assembly of useful compounds.  We are particularly interested in preparing functionalized heteroaromatic scaffolds which are common in pharmaceutically relevant compounds.   Much of our work is focused on devising simple, user-friendly, and environmentally benign, synthetic processes that rely on heterogeneous reagents and catalysts that can be separated from reaction products by filtration.  Beyond synthetic methods development we pursue collaborative medicinal chemistry projects, the synthesis of bioactive natural products, and evaluation of their structure-activity relationships (SAR).

Minimum Classes: Organic Chemistry I and II


Three research areas are available to INBRE summer research fellows.  Each of these projects will offer students the opportunity to learn the techniques required for organic synthesis including compound purification and characterization (NMR, MS, IR etc.).
Project 1. Synthesis of novel anti-depressant compounds based on marine natural products.
Project 2. Synthesis of functionalized coumarins as potential anti-pancreatic cancer agents.
Project 3. Use of visible light photocatalysis for the synthesis of pharmaceutically relevant heterocycles
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